Ormond College John and Margo Irwin Scholarship recipient: Joshua Mason

A scholarship awarded through the University of Melbourne USA Foundation has made it possible for Science student Joshua Mason to immerse himself in college life and make the most of his Melbourne experience.

The Ormond College John and Margo Scholarship is designed to help students in need to cover some of the costs associated with living at college. For Joshua, receiving the scholarship came at just the right time. He'd accumulated enough savings to live at college during the first year of his Bachelor of Science, but when second year rolled around, his savings had run out.

"I don't know what I would have done without the scholarship," Joshua said. "I live two hours away from Melbourne, so commuting to and from class every day would have left little time for study and no time to enjoy being on campus or making friends.

The scholarship has taken the pressure off and allowed me to focus on my studies. It's meant that I don't have to spend as much time working and my parents don't have to worry about me. Plus, being at Ormond College has been life changing. It's difficult to put into words, but I feel a deep sense of love for this place. I've made so many close friends that mean so much to me."

Joshua hopes to complete his undergraduate degree and then enroll in either a Masters of Biotechnology or Genetics at the University of Melbourne. After that, he plans to travel to the USA to pursue further studies.

"I'm really fascinated by US universities that are following a commercialization approach to scientific research," he said. "I'd love to learn more. Thanks to the Ormond College John and Margo Irwin Scholarship, I know I'm on my way to achieving this dream."