North America – your Alumni Council needs you

Forget Clinton versus Trump – the next big election is taking place at your alma mater!

Want to make a difference? Our Alumni Council is seeking members from around the world to serve with us and play a key role in influencing, innovating and inspiring the future of the University of Melbourne.

Alumni are Melbourne’s best ambassadors. We need talented, committed and enthusiastic council members to engage and energise our global community and help develop University-wide programs and resources that best serve you.

The Council works as the main voice of the alumni community and also seeks to connect alumni with each other and our wider community through social and professional events, volunteering, and continuous learning and engagement opportunities.

Becoming a North American Alumni Council member is a fantastic way to connect and become a leader and mentor for alumni in your area.

With your help, the University can work towards shaping programs that benefit alumni across the USA and Canada. You will help shape what Melbourne can do for you and your community.

Nominations for the University of Melbourne Alumni Council are now open.  

For information on how you can be nominated or nominate a fellow alumnus make sure to visit

Nominations for the Alumni Council are now open