Latest 3010 magazine highlights impact of giving

Donors to Believe – the Campaign for the University of Melbourne receive a special ‘thank you’ in the latest issue of 3010 magazine.

Faculty of Business and Economics student and Commerce Opportunity Bursary recipient Ewe Jin Tan sends a message of gratitude to donors in the magazine, which is sent to nearly 220,000 alumni and friends of the University around the world.

“Realising that someone I have never met is supporting me in getting an education has had a huge impact on my life,” he says.

“The experience has inspired me not only to reach my academic potential, but also to be an active member of the community. To be someone who gives back.

“I volunteer as a tutor at a local high school and my hope for the future is to benefit society through my work. I’m thankful to my donor for not only easing my financial burden, but also for giving me this perspective that I will take with me throughout my life.”

3010 celebrates the achievements of the University’s alumni community and is a vehicle for sharing news of some of the research programs at Melbourne, many of which are supported by philanthropy.

By highlighting opportunities for alumni to remain involved with the University, the magazine also supports the new Campaign target of engaging 100,000 alumni by 2021.

In this issue, Melbourne alumna Julie Ritchie talks about the benefits of mentoring a current University student. Increasing the number of mentors available to students will be key to achieving the Campaign’s engagement target.